Antsy and the Troubs

Visit John Boy and Billy

Live in-studio performance

July 2, 2007


L-R: Brian Gavron, Matt Hall, Pauly Zarb, Billy, Antsy, John Boy, Joe Raybhuck


Antsy was joined by Troubs Manager and part-time vocalist/mandolin player Brian Gavron, Matt Hall on bass, Pauly Zarb on keyboards and accordion and Joe Raybhuck on drums for a visit to the Charlotte, N.C. home of the John Boy and Billy Big Show. The syndicated Big Show is heard on over 70 radio stations around the country


Following are all five segments of the show for those of you that missed the fun!!


Segment 1: John Boy introduces the Troubs and plays one of his favorites off of Trailercana--"Dora's Dark Side"


Download Segment 1


Segment 2: John Boy and Billy interview Antsy about his songwriting.  Then, the group plays "DysFUNKtional" live in the studio.


Download Segment 2


Antsy is joined by Brian and Pauly in the studio


Segment 3: Antsy joins John Boy and Billy as the guest celebrity on Dollywood Squares.  Two callers from Georgia and North Carolina join in the game.


Download Segment 3 (this is a fairly long segment so it may take some time to download)


Segment 4: John Boy and Billy join in with the Troubs to sing "I Married Up" live in the studio.  They then sing "Prozac Made Me Stay"


Download Segment 4


Segment 5: John Boy tells the world that he is a big fan of the Troubs and talks with Antsy more about his songwriting.  Antsy then sings "I Was Just Flipped Off By a Silver-Haired Old Lady". The group then finishes off the visit with a rendition of "My Baby Whistles When She Walks".


Download Segment 5